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CN BLUE~!!!!!!
So all I knew of this band was it's name.  But then I saw several clips of the show We Got Married in which SNSD's Seohyun and CN Blue's Yonghwa entered into a pretend marriage.  The short clips I saw made me fall in love with the couple, but since it is impossible to find full episodes on Youtube, I kind of gave up.   Then I found french-subbed clips on dailymotion and I was like OMG~ I can practice both my korean and my french at the same time! excellent!  (turns out it takes too much energy for me to read the very fast french subtitles that I barely pay any attention to the Korean, so not much Korean practice there unfortunately).  But as I was watching, I was like oh ok so this guy is part of a band.  So out of curiosity, I youtubed it and got this:
EDIT: turns out a lot of the videos on youtube have embedding disabled.  if interested, just look up cn blue loner and you will get it. 

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SONG!!!! NEVER MIND THAT ALL OF THE GUYS ARE EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD LOOKING!!!!   Seriously, if you haven't already heard this song, please PLEASE check it out.  It kind of reminds me of Maroon 5, so if you like them, you will definitely like this band.  I have checked out their other songs and I like some of their other songs but this is by far the best. 
It's really cool that they write a lot of their own songs, though I don't think Loner was written by them.  Apparently, Loner has had some plagiarism controversy surrounding it (see http://www.allkpop.com/2010/03/lawsuit-to-be-filed-against-cnblues-songwriters-for-44000 if interested).  I don't consider myself well-versed enough in either composing or copyright law to pass judgment on this, so I am going to just be an irresponsible consumer and say I love the song and continue to listen to it.  (Although the frequency with which plagiarism comes up as an issue in K-Pop does worry me sometimes). 
Anyway, the men of CN Blue are super hot and also are actually musicians, which makes it so much easier for music snobs like me to support them.  I also really like the fact that they are an Indie band who actually debuted in Japan under an Indie label first before going over to Korea.  They apparently went to Japan with the understanding that they can better train as a band in Japan, which they believe has a much larger and more mature band scene than Korea.  They performed on the street and in live houses to hone their performance skills.  AHHH I love it.  People who seriously are into music and are actual musicians but also happen to be amazingly good looking.  They generally perform Loner in suits, and they remind me of the Beatles!  Their suits have English cuts and they have moppish, Brit looking hair-cuts. I LOVE the British suit look (white shirt, dark skinny tie, very slim cut in understated fabrics) so I obviously have to go ga-ga over this.  I generally don't like to advocate for skinny men, but I must say, the best physique for suits is tall and skinny. And all of the members of CN Blue are 180cm or more!  GAWD i love it (but then again they are all SUPER young. But I have gotten so used to this happening to me in K-pop now that I don't even care, I just let it bounce off of me haha) And there is just something inherently sexy about men manipulating instruments.  I don't know if it's because the way they manipulate the instrument alludes to they way they ....er... manipulate women, but that might be it, even though I don't think that consciously.  But they do say the shape of the guitar is modeled after the women's body, and if they are dexterous enough to precisely hold down the strings for all of those chords, well.... heee heee.  
So yeah, currently I am very happily exploding my ovaries at CN Blue and my heart at Arashi.  I realized that as I was watching the Shiyagare episode with Matsuoka that I was grinning widely the whole hour.  Not kidding, and I am actually feeling pretty sick today (temperature fluctuations always get me).   I was discussing how seriously I am in love with Ohno with my mom the other day and she told me I should write a fan letter.  She made a really good point that I have a much better chance at making enough of an impression to get someone to actually read my letter if I send it from the U.S.  She was like why don't you send it in your university's envelope, but I had to point out to her that that might get me in trouble with my school for unauthorized use of their name XD.  But trust me, I have thought about this before.  I have now worked at two law firms and each time I would send out a letter on firm letterhead, I would think "Man, if they got a letter from a lawfirm I am SURE they would read that" lol.  But again, that might get me in trouble, so no can do.
Speaking of school, classes have ended and now all that stands between me and the end of law school is two exams!!! That is assuming that the two pieces of shit that I handed in are actually recognized as academic papers worthy of giving credit to.  But barring failing my two seminars, I should be golden since one of the exams is for a Pass/Fail class and the other I heard is super easy~!!! It's all great and good that I am graduating from law school but honestly, the real deal is the bar exam which isn't till July so I can't really get all excited.  I guess since law school is a vocational school, there isn't much point in graduating from law school itself if you fail the bar... So I better not slack off this summer as I study for it.
But I guess I should give myself some credit for surviving law school.  It was a rough ride but I somehow made it out alive, and I am proud of that.  
Ok, gonna go to bed early since not feeling well.
Night night!




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May. 6th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
you are siao hahaha i say this every time i comment, don't i?!

skype soon pls T_T
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