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I just finished reading this book about the difference that birth order makes on your personality.  well, to put it more precisely, the book I was reading was about first born children and their specific strengths and weaknesses, so the information on other birth orders was pretty scant.   that said, it was still an interesting read and it made me think about arashi and dbsk's personalities based on their birth orders.  i think we look at blood type, horoscopes, zodiac etc. to determine personality traits, but we rarely look at birth order, and that, frankly, is a much more scientifically sound basis for determining one's personality, in my opinion. 

first, let's look at the different personality types.  Credit to "The First Born Advantage" by Dr. Kevin Leman.

First borns and only children are:
-black-and-white thinkers
- keen sense of what is right and wrong and believe in a "right way" to do things
-natural leaders and achievement oriented
-can be bossy, hypercritical (of self and others), perfectionist, not sympathetic, feel over-pressured and hurtful of others' feelings
-most difficult to pin down
-opposite of the child above them in the family
-competitive, loyal, big on friendship
-negotiators, peace-keepers
-can lack in ambition, be a bit wishy-washy
-social, outgoing
-high on people skills
- can be irresponsible, low on initiative, irreverent, frivolous
Now, the book does say that it's not just birth order but more about if you have other siblings of your sex.  so even if you are a last-born, if you are the first son, you are going to have some first-born traits.  Also, I think it's really interesting to think about the interaction between their innate personalities formed by their family structure and the personalities they take on according to their position in the group.  For instance, Ohno is the big brother of Arashi but is actually a baby in his own family.  
So, with that in mind, let's look at the members of Arashi and DBSK.
Arashi is split between 2 first borns (Sho with 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother and Aiba with 1 younger brother) and 3 babies (Jun, Nino and Ohno all have one older sister each).  While we can't be pinned down just by our personality types, I do think Aiba and Sho have similarities that they don't quite share with the other members.  Sho clearly fits the profile of a first-born (ambitious, organized etc.).  He is a first born in his own family and is second-oldest in Arashi, after Ohno.  I think Sho acts younger-brother-ish (or at the most same-age-ish) to Ohno.  He definitely doesn't treat him like he's younger than him.  Sho has said that Ohno is a senpai and will always be a senpai to him.  I think Sho respects Ohno a great deal and assumes the role of de facto leader only because he feels Ohno's blessing.  As for Aiba,  even though Aiba might at first glance seem a bit all over the place, I think he is a lot more caring and protective and encouraging towards his members than people give him credit for.  He often yields to the other members (especially Jun and Nino, who are younger than him) and indulge them in a rather big-brotherly way.  As for the babies, they really do seem all over the place and don't seem to fit the "baby" personality really well.  That said, I stand by my observation that Sho and Aiba definitely have a somewhat different vibe than the rest of the group.  Somehow, they seem more protective, more paternal than the other members, who, ambitious or driven as they may be, still somehow exude a self-centeredness (I don't mean this critically) that may come from their status as the babies of their families.  Like, I have always thought that Ohno is actually pretty self-centered.  I don't mean he's selfish, I just mean his focus is on his self.  He's admitted that he is probably an S because he can't really adjust to other people's paces.  And everything he does is out of a struggle with his self.  It's always a battle with himself, he says.  (this doesn't translate well into English - he doesn't mean he's internally conflicted.  It just means he isn't competing with anyone other than his own self.)  I don't know, maybe it's because it is not true, but I just can't imagine Jun, Nino or Ohno being a big brother whereas Aiba and Sho I can.  No matter how crazy Aiba might seem, when I hear him talk fondly, protectively and a bit paternally about his younger brother, it makes sense.  And no matter how driven and ambitious Jun seems, when I hear him talking about his big sister, I can imagine how he would have grown up under the influence of two stronger females in his household.  Their common status as being first-borns might explain the bizzare friendship that Aiba and Sho have.  
As for DBSK, we have three firstborns (Yunho, who has a younger sister, Changmin, who I believe has two younger sisters, and Yoochun, who has a younger brother) and two babies (Junsu, whose twin brother acted as his older brother, and Jae who has like a bazillion older sisters - i know Jae has a biological younger sister but because we are talking about developmental psychology, what matters is who he grew up with).  Again, Yunho is a firstborn in real life and is second oldest after Jae and so he fits pretty squarely into the firstborn personality type.  Jae, on the other hand, is pretty clearly a baby and that's probably one of the reasons he wasn't named leader even though he is the oldest.  I think Changmin also clearly acts like a first-born, and Junsu very clearly acts like a baby.  Yoochun is the enigma in this group.  Yoochun might be one of the "failed" (please take those as HUGE quotation marks) firstborns.   Firstborns are subjected to enormous pressure from day one, and that pressure causes some to become discouraged and feel incapable of rising to the challenge.  Yoochun has expressed how he felt like he failed as an older brother when he left his mother and younger brother back in the U.S. when he joined SM.  I think that event might have really scarred Yoochun, causing him to react against his own firstborn tendencies and become frivolous and irreverent.  I am not saying Yoochun is either of these things, but just using them to indicate where he would lie on the spectrum.  Between uptight and lacking in any sense of humor to frivolous and irreverent, Yoochun definitely is more the latter.  I think Jae and Junsu's shared status as being the babies in their families might be why these two seem to butt heads the most in the group.  They both have strong senses of self and are used to being the center of attention.  Whereas Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho had to learn how to step back and relent, Jae and Junsu share a certain stubbornness that might come from them being spoiled as the babies of their families. 
Hmmm, this was an interesting exercise.  Sorry it's a bit all over the place and doesn't really flow well narratively.
Now, what birth order do you think I, this blog author, am?


Apr. 3rd, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
hiii~ i really missed your analysis XDDD

and im glad i wasn't the only one who think so abt ohno.. tho i do believe he is kind etc, but he gives out this aloof and self-thinking person to me.

there were alot of time when i thought that ohno is a man who put himself first than anyone else. it might sound bad tho i don see the wrong in it since many ppl do put themselves first.

for dbsk, i havta say yunho fit the firsborn category perfectly. tho he might have some middleborns qualities.

i do some analysis of my own but i rarely write my thoughts down >__<

can't wait for ur next post :DDD
Apr. 4th, 2011 10:09 pm (UTC)
thanks for the comment and for sharing your own observations. it's good to hear there are people waiting to hear my really sporadic and random analyses!

i am surprised by how many people seem to agree with me on the point of Ohno being self-centered. It's interesting because I think Japanese fans would not feel the same way. I think that might be because putting one self as the center of one's efforts is not respected in Japan.

thanks again for your comment! i hope to write again soon!