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Xiah Junsu Intoxication

So just watched Junsu's new pv. 

Before I get into my commentary, a question: so I know one of the two songs in this single was written by Junsu (the ballad) but is this Intoxication song also written by him?  I remember the whole thing about how he is producing this single, but did he, say do the choreography for this PV? did he decide the concept for the PV?

I have the above question because if this is an accurate reflection of what Junsu wants to portray himself as, then I say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so positive points first:
- the choreo had some cool moves in it:
    - the rond de jambe at 1:14 and 1:17
    - body roll at 1:25 (as someone who fails utterly at body rolls, my respect, sir)
    - the turn at 1:30 with the arms raised
    - the upper body isolation at 1:46 (they do a slower version of this in are you a good girl, and i like the slower version better,  but this is cool too!)
    - The look over shoulder move at 1:48
    - The shift body weight, arch neck move at 1:55
    - the move at 2:50
    - the kneeling kick at 2:54
    - the snake move at 2:56

and the inevitable negative:
- what is up with the make-up? he looks either like he's sick (deathly pale with no color in his lips) or he's either too tan or too oily or too gold or I dunno what he was supposed to be
- the bad parts of the choreo - too much overt sexuality.  I dig sensuality but not sexuality, if you will.  I like understatement more than overstatement.  And i like the abstract over the literal.  So moves like:
    - pulling your jacket back to reveal your armpit (0:44)
    - the hip thrust at 2:55 (even though i generally like hip thrusts, something about this one was too literal for me)
    - the stand in fifth position, arms raised above move at 3:15 (i personally get kind of squeamish when i see guys stand in fifth - i guess i worry about where their equipment goes lol.  and the arm raising thing makes it look very preposterous to me)
    - gratuitous touching of neck and lips
    - ratuitous close ups of fingers

CONCLUSION: I do not like sexy-on-purpose Junsu.  I like cute Junsu who doesn't intend to be sexy but he is anyways Junsu.  Like when he sings a song with so much emotion - that's sexy.  And I guess even full on sex mode Junsu was okay until now since he only got 1/5 of the screen time.  But now that the camera is capturing his every move, the sexiness is no longer that little spice that adds to the overall goodness that is Junsu but is now an overwhelming, unpleasant overdose.  

And i have noticed a couple of things about my own feelings towards Junsu:
- i usually only find him attractive when he's moving (aka not in pictures)
- i usually am only attracted by him when he smiles
- junsu used to be a hell of a lot cuter - his face has changed a bit (completely normal part of growth, don't get me wrong).  his jaw is bigger, his eyes look smaller and his nose looks bigger.  So he has lost a lot of his boyish looks. SOBS.  I don't like manly men! Revert back to barely post-pubescent face, now!

But Junsu has long been trying to shed his cute look and gain a sexier, manlier, more rugged persona.  And maybe that is really how his personality has become (or always was).  But he could also just be going through a period of needing to feel like people see him as a man, not a boy.  (He's what, 22 or something? I can understand why he would feel that way).  But if that's the case, I hope he gets over it quickly and learns to be more confident in his masculinity.  Like the Arashi guys are mature enough and self-assured enough to do things that challenge their masculinity or attractiveness.  But no one thinks they are any less attractive or manly because of it.  I just hope Junsu (and all the guys in DBSK) get to this stage soon.  But this could also be a cultural difference between Japan and Korea.  Koreans tend to have a much more rugged, in-your-face notion of masculinity than the Japanese.  I mean, this is what got me into DBSK to begin with - their overt masculinity.  But I guess I am Japanese after all and don't like it when guys are SOOO manly.  

oookay i gotta go to bed! i have a final tomorrow. wish me luck!


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May. 3rd, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
lol i think EVERYONE likes junsu better as cute junsu. still, i'm just *_________*-ing right now (amidst the giggling) b/c boy got moves, that's for sure.
May. 3rd, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
triv! hey HEY hey!

boy does got dem moves down foh shoh. (sorry just took a 4 hour exam so i am kind of loopy now). i don't know about everybody preferring cute junsu though - on omona people are like HOTTT!
May. 4th, 2010 05:44 pm (UTC)
hahaha ah that's true. then again omonians are known for being pervs ;)
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