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Easing back into Arashi

Now before you say "wow your DBSK fandom was shortlived", let me state that my DBSK days are NOT over. OHHHHHHH no. It's very alive and well, thank you very much. Let's just say though that my initial phase of absolute obsession, "can't think of anything but you" days have finally come to an end. Sure, if there is new DBSK stuff up and new Arashi stuff up, I will still prioritize DBSK *back-handed by Arashi loyalists* But I can now watch Arashi videos. Believe me, I couldn't before. For a while I really couldn't get myself to be interested in anything but DBSK and Korea in general, and doing anything else felt WRONG. (Don't worry, I fully acknowledge how crazy I am) But in the past couple of days, I have caught up with AnS and let me just say, Arashi is SUCH a funny group. Or to be more accurate, they are SO skilled at creating a funny, flowing conversation. It's a real testament to their experience (they don't have a 10 year history for nothing). While DBSK can be funny, it's usual a laugh at them, not laugh with them kind of funny. Or they need lots of props or an elaborate setting.   And even then they are not as funny as Arashi.   But Arashi can be ROFL level funny when it's just the five of them (plus Ogura san) talking. And it's calculated and purposeful, not accidental like DBSK is.   But that is not to say that you are made to feel like you are obliged to laugh, which sometimes (actually in Japanese shows it's 90% of the time; it's a lot better in Korean shows and I really think it's because of the language barrier, so not really DBSK's fault) is the case with DBSK.  Sure Arashi has its element of surprise (Aiba-chan), but they don't depend on him like DBSK does on Junsu. Arashi can take Aiba-chan's potential and really make it explode, making him funnier than what he can be alone. DBSK laughs at Junsu's antics along with us, the audience, but that is pretty much all they can do. So Junsu's hilariousness sort of dies on the vine.   Plus Aiba chan is a LOT funnier than Junsu. Period.   But thinking back to when Arashi was in their 6th year, I don't think they were as funny as they are now, so I should cut DBSK some slack.  Then again, Arashi in their 6th year were a LOT funnier than DBSK is now.  But then again, Arashi are not musicians like DBSK are.  I guess I should be more appreciative of the fact that DBSK are as musically talented as they are and still be pretty darn funny when they try.  

On a different point of comparison, I have said it before, but DBSK is so young compared to Arashi. In so many ways. It's both a good and bad thing, but I really feel like an older sister when watching DBSK whereas I feel like I am watching my friends when I watch Arashi. I still find DBSK to be utterly endearing, but it's nice to come back to friends who you can really relax around and be your true self with.

That all said, I do find DBSK more physically attractive and I must say that any romantic interest I had in Arashi is now completely extinguished. Now that it is gone I recognize that for a while (not since the beginning of my fandom but definitely in the last 6 months or so), I definitely had some sort of romantic attachment to Arashi. I thought that each one was hot at least at one point. But this aspect of my fandom (as well as the aspect of listening to Arashi's music) was always a bit tenuous for me. That is to say, it was at conflict with how I usually operate. In real life, I don't go for shorter guys, so my crush on Ohno was always rubbing up against my preference for taller guys. In real life, I am a huge music snob that is not easily impressed, so whenever I came to like Arashi songs, I had to suspend that element of me. (I always did and still believe that Ohno is a good singer, but the rest aren't good and the quality of the music or the meaningfulness of the lyrics usually leave much to be desired). Both of these elements of fangirling a boyband have been met a lot more easily with DBSK. Even though I think the Arashi boys' faces stand their own against DBSK (on an aggregate level, not an individual), they really cannot win in terms of the beauty of their physiques. Let's not even argue this point, I really think it's beyond question. I think the Arashi guys have individual parts or elements of their bodies that may still win or at least put up a fair fight, but again we are talking in the aggregate here. In terms of music, it is also hands down I think (on the aggregate level). I have different musical bones to pick with DBSK (I will probably write a post on this at some point) than with Arashi, but I think it's hard to argue that DBSK as a musical group is not light years ahead of Arashi.

So, all that above was to say that I think I am back in Arashi fandom for sure at least where it concerns variety shows and acting. (DBSK is pretty good at acting too - especialy Yoochun!- but I haven't seen performances like I have seen from Nino or Ohno by any of the members - yet) But where it concerns shows like HnA (which I now realize is all about playing up Arashi's sensual, love-interest side) and music shows, I don't know how much I will be back into those. If falling out of love with Arashi demotes one as a fangirl, then demoted I shall be. I will love Arashi for their funny antics, but I will not fangirl them in a "omg he's so hot" way (lol did i ever?) Knowing myself and how I am, when I fall out of love, it's sudden, quick and permanent. I don't think I will ever go back to liking Arashi in a romantic way, but from now on I will love them platonically and as friends. (I know I am not their friend but it's just a way of explaining oh why do I even bother in front of other crazy fangirls) 


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Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:07 am (UTC)
I've missed you! But I understand you completely. I was thinking back how much I was into Linkin Park in high school a while back (though not really ever in a romantic/fangirl way) and now... I don't have the foggiest idea what they're up to.

I would like to think I'll stay up to date with Arashi after I leave Japan, but even while I'm still here my interest is waning a little. I want them to evolve and grow, which is nigh impossible as a JE act. I like that I don't have to download every episode of AnS or HnA because I can catch them on TV, but even when I don't I don't bother. I'm not learning anything new about them and while there is some entertainment value in those shows, it's mostly to see their new haircut. For the first time ever (actually, no, the 2nd -- the first was his solo at 5x10 in December) I found Jun fucking sexy when he was wearing his glasses on AnS a couple weeks back.

I don't know DBSK that much but I like the few songs I know and they seem to have a bit more range than Arashi does. Or maybe it's just that their style is more what I'm looking for these days. I know what you mean about seeing them as friends. That gives me hope that I'll be able to come back to them in the future if I do drift away.crown
Feb. 7th, 2010 07:08 am (UTC)

you know about the whole AnS ending, right? i wrote it in my post, but this might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. i am so pissed off at both of my fandoms right now.

Arashi is becoming one huge manufactured cashcow and i am really REALLY not liking it. i don't care how good this new show might be, i am pissed they are leaving behind their underground roots.

...not that it's really their choice. i understand that. but... but.... SOBS!!!
Feb. 9th, 2010 05:02 am (UTC)
Everyone is so sad! I can't say I am. I don't watch it anymore! I will be happy that they have a show I won't have to stay up super late to watch. But will probably end up missing it just as much cuz it's going to be on the weekend. It does suck that they are parting ways with their old staff, but all good things come to an end right? And let's not judge the new one until we've seen it. Who knows, it could be really good?

But then again, I thought Himitsu started out really good but it's not even the same show anymore.
Feb. 4th, 2010 12:21 am (UTC)
Hmm I'm pretty much in agreement with you here. When I first got into the fandom, I was swooning over jun, and then I quickly flitted between all the members (except for ohno - I fully acknowledge that he is the most musically talented, but I was just never attracted to him) before settling on Nino and Aiba. However, any romantic attachment I had towards Nino always conflicted with my real life preferences. I've always liked tall guys as well, and well, Nino is just too damn skinny for me. I just kept on wanting to feed him something whenever I saw him. On the other hand, I have no complaints with the DBSK boys.

However, Arashi is still a lot more fun to watch on variety shows. They've just really garnered the knack for entertaining people by now, but I think my fangirling has mostly died out as well. DBSK is still really awkward sometimes. I saw a brief interview featuring DBSK and Meisa Kuroki when they were promoting Bolero, and it was just so awkward lol. All of them were so uncomfortable.
Feb. 7th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
yeah DBSK's awkwardness on Japanese's shows.when i am in a good mood, it's entertaining, and when i am in not as great a mood, it's really frustrating. not frustrating in the sense that I get annoyed with them, but in the sense that I feel for them and it pains me. I know what it's like to try to live in a foreign country and I know how disheartening it can be when you can't fully express yourself because of language barriers.

my japanese friends are like "Tohoshinki? they're all so tennen, it's kind of weird" and i am like "NOOOOO! that's just because they can't speak Japanese well enough to show their true sides."

This is one of the reasons why I don't think they would be happy as a purely Japanese artist. these guys really are Korean through and through and I don't think they can ever be 100% comfortable in Japan. I have new-found respect for Boa, really.
Feb. 19th, 2010 05:13 am (UTC)
First time leaving a comment since i both like dbsk and arashi. The truth is i was a dbsk fan before because of their voices but not find them attractive at all!(for me most kpop idols are more on eye liner and foundation! I want a natural beauty!) then there goes arashi. Arashi for me then was like random people in the street, they are so natural! Yeah they are not as good looking as kimutaku/yamapi(this two are my standard of japanese hot looking men) but getting to know arashi will make you fall for them so hard that even they fail in singing, i will probably just laugh. And they don't need thick make up/eye liner/foundation at all!!
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