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May 19th, 2014

I'm back with a new fandom in tow.

Hi all,

LOOOOONG time no see.  I wonder if any of you even read this anymore.  I imagine not and I am sad to have fallen out of touch with some good LJ friends during my hiatus. I decided that I will (likely very sporadically) start posting to this again so look forward to more ridiculously long and detailed dance and singing analysis from me in the future!

It's been three years since I last posted and my fandoms have changed in the interim.  I still am an Arashi fan (though I don't really follow the music anymore), I no longer follow TVXQ/JYJ or CN Blue, I still am a SONE (I will likely continue to not post about them since to be blunt I like them for their looks and personalities, not because I think they are amazing at singing or dancing, which is what I mostly talk about), and recently I am into EXO.  The reason I am going to revive this journal is because I have to talk about EXO's Kai's dancing - it is just screaming for dance analysis and as a performance based group, EXO as a whole just gives me so much to talk about.  I have so many MVs, dance practice videos and live performances that I want to talk about, I don't even know where to begin.

As for why I no longer follow TVXQ/JYJ - basically it was the lawsuit, all the negativity of it, and the ensuing split in the group. For me, TVXQ was and will forever be 5.  I still respect what HoMin are doing now (though I don't really follow them either), but as for JYJ, their music/dancing/concepts were not my style and Junsu's solo stuff was just... REALLY not my style.  What can I say, I am a sucker for the SM brand.

As for CN Blue, I am not really sure why I left that fandom. I think that was just something where RL just got too busy and before I knew it, I wasn't following them anymore. I should look into them again, I like their music and am curious to see what they are up to.

As for EXO, my new fandom, I just got into them several months ago and now we have this lawsuit situation again le sigh. I feel for the older EXO fans, I really do, and I am glad I wasn't really into that whole "we are one!" thing.  Kris was never my bias but in many ways I identified with him the most and respect him a lot, so I am sad to see him leave. And as for how the fans are reacting - not surprising but unfortunate nonetheless. I think it's easy to take Kris' actions like a personal insult to the rest of the EXO members, but I am sure that is the last thing Kris intended. The number one complaint people seem to have is the timing right before the first solo concert, but if you have a lawsuit to win, the emotional/physical toll on Kris or his bandmates was probably not the ultimate concern and his legal advisors thought this would be the best timing (and trust me, timing is one of the most important strategies in litigation so I have no doubt the timing was very very careful planned out). This is all assuming all of this isn't all staged by SM in the first place (right down to all the SNS activity). EXO is getting all this press right before their first concert and even non-fans may be curious to see how EXO's concert turns out with 11 members.  There ain't no such thing as bad publicity, right?  This is admittedly an extreme view and I am sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum (the other end that this is some sort of ploy by Kris to hurt his former members) but the point is we will never know.  It honestly is pointless to get riled up about a situation we know essentially nothing about.  In order to keep on going as fans of EXO, I think the fans need to just accept the situation and move on.  Those who can't put this behind them will end up getting so sad and frustrated and leave a fandom that only causes them pain (Exhibit A: me and TVXQ). So EXO fans, if you want to stay a fan, you best be moving on and choose not to get pulled into the misinformation warfare.

The thing I am concerned about is the fate of EXO-M (I honestly am not worried about EXO-K.  In the worst case scenario, SM will probably get rid of EXO-M and keep EXO-K.  Hate to sound so cynical, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole subunit thing was designed as a form of insurance. If one goes kaput, they can keep going with the other and it won't be such a bad transition since that subunit has already existed as a subunit.)  Short of EXO-M just being dissolved, I don't know if EXO-M will just keep going as 5 (would disrupt the whole equal halves thing), a new member will be added (doesn't seem like fans would like that) or maybe they will dissolve the EXO-K/M distinction and just make one 11 member group perform in Korea and China, like the other groups do.  It would just be sad to see the remaining M members disappear because of this and while I don't think there is a real risk in that, it seems like EXO-M kind of fell off the planet since the lawsuit and it worries me.

Ok, well that is all I am going to say on the EXO situation.  My speculation on this topic is of no worth to anyone, and there are so many more important topics to discuss, such as: 1) Suho as a blonde - yay or nay? 2) bucket hats - yay or nay? 3) cheek percussion - yay or nay?

(I say nay to all three)

It's good to be back and I hope we can have many interesting discussions here!