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just watched this video

and had to comment because it was so profound. Sho is pretty much saying how it might be that Arashi deliberately acts normally (in the sense that they act like anybody else, doesn't give off airs of being "singers" or "stars" or "celebrities") because they want people who don't have confidence in themselves to think "hey, what the hell, i could do this stuff that these 5 do" and by that feel more confident in themselves. 

There we have it ladies - another reason to fall helplessly in love with these guys.  And note that Sho says "maybe" - he doesn't mean they had some big staff meeting and decided this as a strategy.  Somehow, this feeling of "normal is good", "let's be a group that people can relate to, feel good to be with, walk together with" developed organically between the 5 of them without any of them ever saying anything.  And what is SO awesome is that they have in their midst some very, very talented people who COULD act all proud and better-than-thou-ish and nobody could object because they actually ARE that good.  But they choose, as a group, to shrug off the praises and just plod on like before - chill, down-to-earth, but at times freakishly talented and awesomely enthralling.  And they do this partly because they want everyone - their fans and society as a whole - to feel better about themselves when they watch Arashi, instead of feeling envious or inferior.

god i love these guys.

Sho goes on to talk about marriage in another clip from the same conversation and made another brilliant insight. he talks about how generally speaking, 27 is a ripe age to get married, as evidenced by all of his friends marrying. but people look at him, Sakurai Sho, and if he were to marry, people would think it's way too early.  He talks about how there is this gap between who he is in reality (a 27 year old guy who has marriage ambitions just like anyone else) and who he is in the eyes of the public (an idol from a group that only recently estabished itself in the entertainment industy and who relies on female fan support).  He didn't say this, but what I think is that to him, he has existed for 27 years, but to the public, he may have only existed for 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, maybe even one month. So that may be why it would feel very premature for him to get married now.  Sho admits that he feels the same way about other celebrities, and his tone wasn't accusatory or indignant at all. He did admit it was a dilemma though.

On another note, I think it is a really good sign that Arashi are talking more openly about love and relationships.  They of course are not saying "I am dating someone now" but they have admitted to past relationships and they talk more openly about marriage.  I think it's a good sign because it means that the powers that be think they can afford to lose the rabid adolescent girl fanbase because they have solidly established themselves with an older and saner fanbase in addition to the traditional teenager fanbase.  If I were to meet a 26 year old who insisted he never had a relationship or even sex, it wouldn't make me any more attracted to him (although it won't necessarily detract).  Yes, I will admit that when Ohno admitted in some talk (can't remember which magazine) that he had told Matsujun about the relationship he was in at the time, my heart imploded a bit, but I shall fight back the tears and continue to declare that this is a good thing. (I hear the cries of "hypocrite!" loud and clear, so don't you worry XD)

I guess what is happening is that the management realize that Arashi is approaching their thirties (egads!!!!) and will inevitably start to marry.  Even if the senior groups are mostly single, something tells me that Arashi will revolutionize things again by all marrying relatively young, one right after the other.  Arashi's charm point is that they are normal, and marriage is a normal thing to do, hence it won't ruin their image by marrying. Plus married people and fathers are infinitely more trustworthy and likable, which is Arashi's thing, and I think it is possible for them to remain sexy and desirable even after marriage. (Hey, they might attract a new crowd of people turned on by the idea of adultery. *is shot*)   What do you bet that they will have some sort of show on child rearing... or at least talk about it openly and willingly, unlike Kimura who NEVER mentions his family life (for their sake or for the fans?) If Arashi marry non-celebs, they can talk about their families generally without invading their family's privacy rights and I am sure the fanbase of 30 something and 40 something men and women will love to see that Arashi understand what they are going through.

Hmmmm this is starting to sound like Lydia's A Great Big Family... haha. Realy, all it is is that I am DYING to see Arashi safely and happily married. I guess a part of me wants more proof that you can be normal and decent even if you practically grew up in the entertainment industry.   But really, I just want to see that these guys are happy and are able to have some of the pleasures of normal life that is so often barred to them, just because they are idols.

I personally think that the first to marry will be.... Aiba or Sho???? This really was process of elimination.   Ohno just seems too into himself to be married anytime soon (and I don't mean conceited - he just has stuff he wants to accomplish but knows that once he has a family, he will want to devote himself to that - I understand, Oh-chan!  I do! Hence, we should marry.)  Nino -> I just can't picture him married to someone. Simple as that. Jun is also very focused on his work, and he IS the sex kitten stud muffin of Arashi, so management will probably raise hell about him getting married.  He may be in a long-term relationship, but I can't see him coming out with it anytime soon.  So that leaves Aiba and Sho.  I can see Aiba and Sho both marrying but for very different reasons.  Aiba either because 1) he got the girl pregnant (Aiba fans don't kill me - I love Aiba-chan for many reasons but if anybody were to make this mistake, it's him) 2) he just really wanted to marry his girl, end of story.  Sho would marry much more deliberately I think, not even for his family's sake but just because he seems like a very deliberate guy.

Oooh,this marriage discussion is fun. I'm on a roll here!  Okay, what do you guys think about this?  Who in Arashi will marry who?  Either a normal person or another celeb - if a celeb, who?

I think...
Sho will marry a normal person. Same age or younger.
Jun.... will marry another celeb. (I know this is so cliche, but he and Inoue Mao have great chemistry.  I don't even mean when acting, but they seem to like each other a lot - perhaps platonically, but perhaps not. If anything, they get along well).  Him I could see older, same age or younger.
Aiba will marry... a normal person.  He seems like an old-fashioned type deep down (don't really know why I think this) and probably yearns for a normal, low-key love life. Same age.
Nino... again, no clue... can't envision him with anyone. 
Ohno will marry a normal person. Same reason as Aiba. Same age or older.

Haha only Jun will marry a celeb. and I guess i think Nino is incapable of love other than for his Oh-chan

Oookay, now that I have spent like an hour fantasizing over the personal lives of people I don't know and will never meet (dies a bit inside), I guess I will go to sleep.



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Mar. 17th, 2009 09:59 am (UTC)
That's true, eh. Even though their actual ages are getting up there.. and people in Japan marry younger than in the West so I believe. Ohno's practically "fruit cake". I will be sad though when they get hitched if I'm still single because... if they can have proper functioning relationships as idols, why can't I have one as a commoner?! ;_______;
Mar. 17th, 2009 06:33 pm (UTC)
if they can have proper functioning relationships as idols, why can't I have one as a commoner?! ;_______;

Mar. 17th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
AHHH I had something else to say about this entry but I can't remember what it is. ;___;
Mar. 21st, 2009 01:03 pm (UTC)

and i am downloading said episode. will comment properly as soon as i finish watching it.

Apr. 9th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)

would love to see them get married, have kids and be happy...
im extremely curious at how their children would look like and would love to read interviews about them being dads and all....

i think its really cute and adorable how they talk about plans of having an arashi bbq with their families and children =)

Jan. 17th, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
It seems that our fans are similar in some way. I did feel heartbroken everytime there were scandals about their love life. It's like the urge of possession. I have that high.

But I am also worrying about them being alone for the rest of their lives so I really want to announce their marriage in the future ( I don't know how I feel at that time but...both disappointment and after that happiness). I even had a ridiculous dream which I did not remember but made me worry that they would not be able to have someone. It sounds like I am their mothers.

I agree with your guess about who they might marry.

Riida, I really want to him to get married because he may be to obssessed with his interest and not take good care of his health. An understanding wife is very necessary for him. And he may not marry until 50. He said so in an interview :))

Sho is very open about his family's private life but also carefull in his speech. A normal woman can creat less risk in leak of private information. And I add one more thing to yours: his woman may be a well-educated one because he said once that his mother was a working mother so he thought that his wife would also have a career.

Aiba's vision of yours is the most funny one. But I think it probably come true. The pregnant part, I wonder if he would make such a mistake, but if he is drunk...A, I think the real Aiba is much more intelligent than the Aiba-on-the-show. But he's an all-for-Arashi type so he may give up if that affects his friends.

Nino is really has no image of marriage. I hardly think of any girls who can stand his lifestyle. Unless she is an experienced women, may be a divorced one. He's the one I like the most in Arashi so I worry for him the most too. He's like the inner type. And from the fact that I have seen from my family, being lonely in the old age is the most scariest thing ever, can cause you stress and overthinking.

MatsuJun and a celeb wife is understandable. I love him and Mao together. He will have a twinkling family with a fabulous boy/girl. I think he may want a baby girl XD!! He might get married in his 30s :D

I am sorry for the length :D

Jan. 18th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Hey thanks for commenting, especially on such an old article. Just reading your comment, I had no idea who you were talking about lol so I just re-read my entry.

I still stand by most of what I said except I no longer think Nino incapable of love lol. I think at this point in time, Nino was still this mysterious, incomprehensible creature to me but Arashi have been giving so much more insight on their personal thoughts on love, women, etc. and I feel like he isn't the loner recluse he projects himself to be but may be the biggest ladies' man of the group lol. What made me think Aiba would make the silly mistake of getting a girl pregnant is his naked picture scandal (the one where his ex distributed pictures of them in bed naked). As a celeb, I don't think he should have allowed such a thing to happen and I think it reflects a bit of poor judgment. Then again, it might have been bad enough to make him really cautious now and it was when he was a teenager, after all. He probably won't make that kind of mistake, in truth.

Thanks for the long comment! I agree with your vision too. I can totally see Nino marrying a divorcee lol!

Jan. 18th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
I just happened to got bored in the middle of the night and want to google stuff :D Thank you for your reply too, how long have you been their fan? :D
Jan. 18th, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
it's a long story. i liked jun before he debuted, so that was back in the late 90s. but then right after arashi debuted, i lost touch with the japanese entertainment scene and i only came back to the scene in 2007. so arashi per se i have only been there fan for 4 years but the people in arashi i have known for ....14 years or something? lol omg i feel old.

what about you?

p.s. i am surprised to hear my stuff comes up on google lol. what did you search under if i may ask?
Jan. 19th, 2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
I absolutely have no idea about Johnny until 2009. And I was interested in Hey! Say! JUMP at first because I like Morimoto but then I fell hard for Arashi since April that year too. Now, I only love Arashi in Johnny. But the first Arashi's song that I downloaded was in 2007 I guessed, Love so sweet. At that time, I have no special impression at all. And my favourite member is Nino. Well, but I like them all as a group and as individuals too :D

Key word for googlr is: arashi marriage :))
Jul. 17th, 2011 03:16 am (UTC)
Hi, I came across your post through google too :) Hope you don't mind. I thought this post was really interesting... like who might get married first or not at all.

Honestly, even though the boys are so humble, they're still a big bundle of mystery when their private/love lives are concerned. Like, for example, Jun (my ichiban). His outside image projected by the tabloids is that of a playboy, yet if we take time to read his interviews and carefully watch his actions, it is clear that he might be in a long-term relationship already (his eagerness to get married and have kids -- only a guy who is in a stable relationship think of stuff like that).

Same goes for the rest. Sho has this image of a perfect boyfriend and husband, but in tabloids they mentioned that Sho dated around a lot during his Johnny Jr days. Aiba may had that 'mistake' back in 2003 with his ex-girlfriend, but I think that even though he may be quite open-minded with the type of girl he dates (I can tell he has a thing for AV/sexy-like talents) he will also be serious about them. Ohno well... he's the quietest, and you know what they say, the quietest ones are the most deadly. Hehe. I know that a lot of people can't imagine him with a girl but he's the one in Arashi who has the most leaked pictures of him posing with his girlfriends.

Not that I'm trying to say that these boys are players or whatever; I'm just wondering which side of them are real. Projected image or tabloids/gossip or analysis through their interviews? Though it doesn't matter anyway, I love them for their flaws and imperfection, so whatever they do with their love lives have nothing to do with me. I'll just support them with their choices.
Jul. 17th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
Okay I've gone off on a tangent, so let me just state my opinions on who will get married first XD:

Sho - he'll probably be the first to marry, though maybe Jun will beat him to it hehe. I also believe that he'll marry a normal girl, or if it has to be a talent/celebrity, maybe someone in his line of profession? His mom is a career woman so he'll definitely respect a partner who is on equal foot as him. (Though the partner has to be wonder woman though -- she has to be able to cook because Sho definitely can't XD)

Aiba - For some reason I can't picture him with another celeb or actress. He looks like the type to enjoy a normal life, and seeing that he isn't too involved with the showbiz scene, maybe it's plausible that his wife will just be a normal girl.

Ohno - I think he will get an older woman, or at least someone who is highly capable of getting things done for him. Like a manager, lol. I have a dad who is exactly like him (same zodiac sign too)-- has tons of hobbies and talents and loves to be alone; so my mom ends up taking charge of the family. I can see him with a wife, but being a Johnny who are generally discouraged from marrying, I think he might just find it troublesome and not marry at all XD I CAN see him with a celeb, though.

Nino - I can't imagine him being married too :P His lifestyle is too harsh for his wife, and I think he has other priorities than being tied down to a lifelong commitment. Mainly it's his hobbies that are stopping him from considering marriage, and in a way he's like Ohno -- but the difference is that Ohno can get along with almost everybody and is highly tolerant of anything, even marriage I think. Nino is... a bit difficult XD He may have celeb girlfriends (highly likely since he's been dating actresses lately...), but a wife? We'll see if it happens, but I'm not holding my breath XD

Jun - He'll definitely marry a celeb XD No doubt about it. Like Sho, he seems to appreciate an equal partner, but since he is a very capable man himself (cooking, cleaning, organizing etc) I think he needs a woman who is also independent and is confident enough to be a Mrs. Matsumoto. Because honestly, I don't think a normal girl can stand living together with such a high-profile guy. I especially don't think she can stand having all those rumors of him with his co-stars in the tabloids, even if it's not true. I think having a celeb wife would be good for him because he can have some healthy competition in his daily life. Even though people say Jun is a possessive/dominating type, I think he's more possessive about her hanging out with other men -- nothing to do with her career or hobbies. In fact, I think he'll encourage her career more... So yeah, celeb wife.

Ok whew sorry for this block of text xP I got carried away.
Nov. 2nd, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
Hi there! I am SO sorry this reply is SO late but I figured it's better to answer late than to never answer.

you ask the question that I always wonder: which of them is true, the interviews or the tabloids?

I, for one, have read very few of their tabloid articles since I don't have access to Japanese tabloids and I refuse to follow Ch 2. The only one that I remember ever reading is Oh-chan's drug scandal just because it was such a big scandal. I didn't even know MJ had tabloid rumours. At one point I wondered if he was gay since he seemed to be the only Arashi member to never have any girl rumours, but if you what you say is true (and I have no reason to doubt it since you're an MJ fan), then it seems like he has had his fair share of tabloid face time lol.

and it's funny your dad is like Oh-chan, since I don't know anyone like him and I always have difficulty imagining what it must be like to know someone like him. I also like your thoughts on their marriages. I really wonder how Nino is in real life. A lot of people who comment here seem to think he'd be really hard to get along with, but people who work with him seem to love him almost universally. I guess he's really easy going and fun at work, but at home he delves into his own hobbies, and that is where the difficulty lies.

Anyway, I've been out of touch posting here since I can't find their content on youtube anymore, and I have qualms about using Chinese sites or downloading. I miss them SO much :-(
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